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Outdoor is ageing: Beat back the years with Gluta Lemon

Pollution ages our skin more than we ever thought
Living in the city is a dream come true for most people. But for our skin, it is one of the worst nightmares.

We used to think that sun exposure was the only threat outside. But pollution is more dangerous than we think, it can wreak havoc on our health and ruin our beauty.

Dust and debris can clog up the pores which causes skin rashes, irritation, redness and allergic reaction. Besides, once the dirt sinks into the skin layers, it can destroy and speed up the deterioration process of the cells, leading to pigmentation and premature wrinkles. That's why, with pollution hovering in the air 24/7, only washing our face before bed is no longer enough!

To fight off the dirt, impurities, makeup, excess oil, and day-by-day grime, it's time to take your skincare routine to the next level with...

GLUTA LEMON Natural Detoxifying Clay Mask which contains 6 powerful detoxifying ingredients:

Exopolysaccharides, or EXO-P, is a sugar extract that form a mesh to entrap PM2.5 and reduces PM2.5 adhesion onto the skin surface. This helps reduce pollution-induced damage and premature ageing, making your skin stronger and healthier.

Clays have been used for thousands of years thanks to their ready availability and remarkable properties. Specially selected and sourced from volcanic area in France, this white clay helps detoxifying and removing impurities from the skin pores.
Guaranteed by ECOCERT standards, this mint extract from Europe and northern Africa creates a pollution shield for the skin. Besides, it helps reduce skin inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier which stimulates the skin's natural antioxidants.

Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamin C, lemon targets uneven skin tone and ageing spots. Besides, it helps remove blackheads and brighten up the skin naturally. This ingredient is 100% natural and organic, guaranteed by ECOCERT and COSMOS standards.
One of the best ingredients to detoxify and remove microscopic pollutants and sebum from the skin. Besides, it helps exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface and refine enlarged or inflamed pores. These beads have also been treated with oxygen to increase its absorbance capacity.

Carefully sourced from Japan, glutathione is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. It helps reduce fine lines and blemishes while brightens up your skin making it more radiant. This ingredient is certified by USFDA to be safe and cause no side effects.

With this combined detoxifying powers from nature, GLUTA LEMON helps detoxify and clear out your pores, reducing your skin woes caused by pollution. And with the 1-minute Fast Drying technology, you can clean and clear your city skin with ease.
What is even more special, GLUTA LEMON can help soften and brighten your whole body, not just your face or neck!

You can now say goodbye to all your skin woes, be it skin rashes or premature wrinkles that are caused by pollution, and say “hello” to a brighter and softer skin in 1-minute.
White Clay Mask, made with Lemon and Gluta for cleansing, deep skin detoxifying and removing unpleasant scent from skin. With fast drying technology, you can reveal your bright and soft skin in 1 minute.

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