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 Manage bad odor problem with aviance Confidens
It cannot be denied that bad body odor can create frustration and destroy your confidence.
Having unpleasant odor from sweat and underarm dampness prevents you from living your daily lives to the fullest. Have you ever experience that no matter how good you dressed up, how perfect your hair is, and how confident you are toward your total look, but if you smell bad on that day, everything is destroyed. Therefore, it cannot be denied that good odor adds charm and confidence to your everyday life. It gives a good personality and influences you to feel confident throughout the day.

What creates bad body odor?
You might have wondered, "What creates bad body odor?" Well, today we have an answer for you. Many people may understand that sweat causes body odor. But actually, sweat alone doesn't smell. However, when we sweat in the folds such as underarm, it starts to smell when the sweat is exposed to bacteria. Therefore, to prevent and manage bad odor, you should remove bacteria on the skin, especially underarm. With frequent cleaning, not wearing smelly and damp clothing, avoid eating foods with a strong smell, and use roll-on, you will be able to manage the bad odor. Using roll-on like aviance Confidens, it provides you a smoother, firmer skin with its collagen and prevents bad odor with Nano Activ+.

aviance Confidens: A roll-on that prevents bad odor while adding collagen to the skin

Smelling good is like an accessory that adds charm and confidence throughout the day. Therefore, choosing a good roll-on is important. aviance Confidens is an anti-perspiration and deodorant product that comes in a soft and smooth roll-on style. This roll-on adds collagen to your skin, creating smooth and firm skin, while provides Nano Activ+ that controls bacteria, the reason for bad odor.

aviance Confidens is full of powerful results:
1. Controls bacteria from sweat and dampness
2. Leaves skin smooth and firm
3. 24-hour protection from bad odor
4. Protects skin from irritation from shaving or plucking
5. Lightweight, no white-stained, and non-greasy
6. Dermatologically tested as no irritation to the skin
aviance Confidens for Women vs. Men
We know that women's and men's needs are different. This is why we specially formulate a product that suits the lifestyle of women and men.

aviance Confidens for Women: Charmingly Glamorous…Show Underarm without Worry
Ladies enjoy to dress up and show off their beauty confidently every day. No matter what kind of dress you wear, whether a tank top or sleeveless shirt, you can show the smooth, bright, and non-bad odor underarm confidently. aviance Confidens for women unlocks your confidence with whitening skin renewal and skin refiner, leaving the skin bright with firmed and smooth pores.
viance Confidens for Men: Charmingly Confident... Refreshing to All Challenging Activities
Men should be ready for all challenging activities throughout the day. Doing everything to the max. This is why you should be ready for every situation. aviance Confidens for men prevents bad odor from challenging activities and exercises. It allows men to put their all into each activity without worrying about unpleasant odor. With sporty cooling and trojan sense ingredients, the product gives refreshing and cooling effect even after a workout.

By using aviance Confidens with the formula that is right for you, a touch of charm is added throughout your entire day.

Women Roll-on: This anti-perspirant and deodorant product comes in a soft and smooth roll-on style. It understands every lady's delicate needs - no more hiding dark spots, uneven underarms, or undesirable odor.

No matter which style or outfit you prefer, your confidence will shine through. Contains high-performance Whitening Skin Renewal that brightens underarms and diminishes dark spots to boost confidence. It incorporates exclusive Skin Refiner that tightens the pores and also promotes collagen for smoother skin. With Nano Activ+ to control bacteria - the source of dampness and odor.
Men Roll-on: This Men-exclusive roll-on gives cool and refreshing sensations even after workouts, controlling undesirable odor from adventurous activities and exercise so life can be lived with maximum and total confidence. High-performance intensive Sporty cooling gives clean and long-lasting cooling effects. Smooths and firms skin with collagen, while Nano Activ+ controls bacteria - the source of dampness and odor.

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