Achieve that beautiful, smooth hair without going to a hair salon

Having beautiful, smooth, and shiny hair is one of the things that enhances your personality and appearance, allowing you to be more easily recognized. Moreover, healthy, weighty hair indicates how much you take care of yourself.
In addition to skincare, having healthy hair care is a trend that many women do correspondingly. However, many people might think that if you want to have healthy hair, you have to go to an expensive hair salon. On the contrary, the right haircare and procedures can transform your hair as if you’ve been to an expensive hair salon every day.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair

Choose the right shampoo
Usually, the condition of each person's hair is different. Some people have thick hair, some thin hair, somedry, frizzy, and weightless through the use of modified hair chemicals. Accordingly, it differs the methods of hair cleansing. Therefore, choose a shampoo that suits your own hair condition, but do not wash your hair every day as it will weaken the hair scales and make it swell easily.

Wash your hair at least 2-3 days a week and wash it 2-3 times per cleaning. This helps to remove impurities that damage the hair and scalp.

Always use hair conditioner
For beautiful, shiny hair, use conditioner regularly after washing your hair. The conditioner helps to preserve the hair, maintain moisture, and add shine to the hair. Massages hair from the center of the hair to the ends of the hair.

However, for people with hair problems, it is easy to reduce the amount of use of conditioner to reduce the sebum that accumulates on the hair. Now, no matter how short or long hair you have, you can show off your beautiful hair with confidence.

Treatment is essential
During wet hair, the hair flakes automatically open. This causes the hair to effectively receive various nutrients and restore the damages. Fermenting wet hair with treatments 1-2 times a week is another way to help you get beautiful hair quickly. Most of the ingredients in treatment are proteins and keratin that deeply nourish and strengthen hair.

The treatment can also help protect hair from future damages.

Don't forget to nourish and protect the hair
After using shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, gently dry your hair and nourish the hair with nutrients from Concentrated Leave-on hair supplement before heating it with a hairdryer. With innovative S.O.S Repair Complex™ technology enriched in vitamins and proteins, it helps to strengthen and nourish hair to become smooth. Protecting hair from UV rays and making it looks shiny.

Protecting hair from UV rays and making it looks shiny.

Comb your hair properly
Although wet hair is when the hair is the readiest to be nourished, it is also when hair is the weakest. Combing wet hair will make the hair roots unhealthy and leads to hair fall. Starts with gently drying the hair with a towel, then use a hairdryer to dry it completely. Then, use a brush comb to gently comb the hair from your head to the end of the hair. This tip will help hair to dry faster and don’t appear frizzy just like you came out of a hair salon.

Also, using a comb can stimulate blood circulation.

The key to shiny hair is moisturized hair. Therefore, before leaving the house, be sure to protect your hair from the heat and UV rays in the sun with a hair protection product regularly. These tips will create beautiful, shiny hair as if you just walked out of an expensive hair salon. Also, don't forget to take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet as well as exercise. Now, not only will you achieve that beautiful hair, you’ll also achieve a healthy body!

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